Anne and Carl Clement

When the stories of your travel include a stowaway, a mermaid, and a snail, you can be sure you have had a rollicking good time! Many thanks to Tommy, Saundra, and PJ (musician and bus driver extraordinaire!) along with 26 of the best traveling companions we could have hoped for. A bit of history, lots of music, and the best craic ever. The variety of activities in this tour kept us all engaged, with enough free time to rest up (or shop). The day guides were excellent, and the musicians phenomenal. Tommy and Saundra seem to know everyone in southern Ireland and were able to tap into those connections to make our tour one of the best we've ever been on. Even if you've been to Ireland before, you should go on this tour--you will see and be part of a country and culture you simply cannot find on your own.
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