Mike & Lorrie

If you are looking for a tour of Ireland that exceeds all expectations, this is the one!! Tommy & Saundra are not only spectacularly talented musicians, but they are also masterful tour directors as well. Their collective knowledge of the region, Irish history, food and culture make the adventure even more unforgettable. You'll visit places that are truly off-the-map, see and learn about significant historical sites and dine at some of the best spots in Ireland. Importantly, thanks to Tommy and Saundra's "curation skills", you'll have multiple opportunities to see overwhelmingly beautiful sites in this wonderful country and enjoy the friendly locals along the way. If that weren't enough, there's the music!! Nearly every night of the tour, in every stop along the way, there's a chance to enjoy a traditional music session (or concert) featuring Tommy, Saundra and some local guest musicians! This tour is special in so many ways, it deserves more than Five Stars!! Thanks again to Tommy & Saundra for a terrific adventure!!!
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