When the stories of your travel include a stowaway, a mermaid, and a snail, you can be sure you have had a rollicking good time!

Many thanks to Tommy, Saundra, and PJ (musician and bus driver extraordinaire!) along with 26 of the best traveling companions we could have hoped for. A bit of history, lots of music, and the best craic ever. The variety of activities in this tour kept us all engaged, with enough free time to rest up (or shop). The day guides were excellent, and the musicians phenomenal. Tommy and Saundra seem to know everyone in southern Ireland and were able to tap into those connections to make our tour one of the best we've ever been on.

Even if you've been to Ireland before, you should go on this tour--you will see and be part of a country and culture you simply cannot find on your own.

Anne and Carl Clement

My wife and I were fortunate enough to get seats on Tommy and Saundra’s first tour and I can honestly say that I can’t imagine a better way to see Ireland. Tommy, Saundra and PJ showed us sites and included us in musical sensations that I doubt any other tour could come close to.
I highly recommend O’Sullivan’s Courthouse Tours whether or not you’ve been to Ireland before. It’s definately worth the price. They took care if every detail and we were the beneficiaries.
Thank you Tommy & Saundra........ and PJ.

Kelly Halls

I just returned from Tommy and Saundra's tour. To describe it in a word: incredible. This is a tour that shows you some truly authentic Ireland. Historical sites, small towns, exciting music, mouthwatering food, and some truly wonderful pubs. They are friendly and knowledgeable and they work with some extremely knowledgeable experts as well. By the end of the trip, it felt like I was leaving home, not going back.

Don't use one of the big tours. Go with Tommy and Saundra. You won't regret it (except, of course, until you try one pub's fish and chips, and then you'll regret that you can't get that everywhere you go).


Even though we have been to Ireland many times, this tour was an exceptional experience! Tommy and Saundra provide a unique experience! They avoid the‘tourist’ traps and bring you into the true heart of this most beautiful and unique country. So first time visitor or old hands like us, you can’t go wrong with this tour!🤗🤗🍀❤️

Vince and Judi Sweat

Even though we have been to Ireland many times, this tour was an exceptional experience! Tommy and Saundra provide a unique experience! They avoid the‘tourist’ traps and bring you into the true heart of this most beautiful and unique country. So first time visitor or old hands like us, you can’t go wrong with this tour!🤗🤗🍀❤️

Vince and Judi Sweat

If you are looking for a tour of Ireland that exceeds all expectations, this is the one!!

Tommy & Saundra are not only spectacularly talented musicians, but they are also masterful tour directors as well.

Their collective knowledge of the region, Irish history, food and culture make the adventure even more unforgettable.

You'll visit places that are truly off-the-map, see and learn about significant historical sites and dine at some of the best spots in Ireland.

Importantly, thanks to Tommy and Saundra's "curation skills", you'll have multiple opportunities to see overwhelmingly beautiful sites in this wonderful country and enjoy the friendly locals along the way.

If that weren't enough, there's the music!!
Nearly every night of the tour, in every stop along the way, there's a chance to enjoy a traditional music session (or concert) featuring Tommy, Saundra and some local guest musicians!

This tour is special in so many ways, it deserves more than Five Stars!!

Thanks again to Tommy & Saundra for a terrific adventure!!!

Mike & Lorrie

Words alone cannot describe the amount of effort Tommy & Saundra invested in to our tour of Ireland. If they do not know everyone in Ireland I would be willing to bet everyone knows of them.
They personify the reason you go to Ireland, beautiful scenery, history and damn good Craic!!!
I wonder how many tours stop at the Choctaw monument created by Alex Pentek, tell you the story and follow that up with a very beautiful and emotional song. They never stopped adding more and more to our experience. Their circle of friends personally turned this tour into an emotional experience. There is no way you will ever leave Ireland with more knowledge of Irelands past and present than spending time with Tommy & Saundra. I do believe we have new friends for life! Can not thank you two enough!! Shine on Tommy & Saundra!!! Slainte!!!

Anne & Tim Maroney

I ran out of room in my earlier testimonial because there is just so much to say but I would be very remiss not to acknowledge Our bus driver PJ (apparently there is more than 1 bus driver in Ireland named PJ). PJ was the icing on the cake, the cherry on top of ice cream Sunday. PJ's professional knowledge of Irish history, classic humor and unwavering curtesy helped to pull everything together perfectly. These 3 folks truly complement each other both professionally and personally. calling this experience a tour sounds a little off to me. To me it felt more like a ride around Ireland with friends wanting to make sure you have the very best Irish experience possible in the time allotted.
Tommy, Saundra & P.J. Thank you very much for providing us with this unforgettable experience. T&A

Anne & Tim Maroney

We had a wonderful time on this tour. We went with 24 of our friends and Tommy and Saundra hit it out of the park for everyone! We have been to Ireland on numerous occasions, but never have had an experience quite like this one. Tommy and Saundra truly seem to know everyone! They take you off the beaten path for experiences you simply cannot find on other tours and certainly not if you were to grab a car and travel yourself.

Our bus driver, PJ, is not only an amazing driver, but he is quite the historian as well. He regaled us with wonderful stories and bits of history along the way. We looked forward to this everyday.

Some of our companions on the tour had never been to Ireland. They were blown away by its beauty, friendliness of the people, the music and all around great craic. If you're planning a trip to Ireland, O'Sullivan's Courthouse Tours is the way to go! Thank you, Tommy and Saundra for such great memories that we will always treasure!

David and Stacey Clark

Recently home from a tour with the O’Sullivans and PJ, and I cannot express to you the level of professionalism, organization and fun that they showed us throughout the entire trip. For the 10 days on this tour everyday was better than the next! Thank you very much Tommy, Saundra and PJ for making my vacation a trip I will not forget, I would rate it 10 stars but they only gave me 5.

Beth Doyle

I can’t say enough good things about Tommy and Saundra O’Sullivan’s tour of Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.
It was truly fabulous. They took us where tourists rarely travel and related some fascinating history along the way.

The focus of the tour is traditional Irish music, and through Tommy’s long involvement in that scene we heard some great stuff…not in shows organized for tourists, but in local pubs with trad musicians from the community. People were exceptionally friendly and welcoming.

It sounds cliche, but I really feel like we got a good look into the “real” Ireland, and I loved it.

Greg Engle

What would you like to experience when you travel? History? Beautiful scenery? Magical, mystical places? Incredible musicians playing traditional music? Smiling faces and happy people? Delicious food? Whiskey tastings? An up close private performance by seven times world Irish dance champion David Geaney? Our trip with Tommy and Saundra O’Sullivan had it all! It was fabulous!

Sandra Walters

We just got back from the inaugural Dingle Peninsula Experience tour and it was worth waiting a year for! From start to finish Tommy and Saundra made it memorable in every way: The beautiful hotel right in the middle of town, great food, off-the-beaten-path day trips, and every night fabulous musicians playing at the Courthouse Pub. Wonderful trip, and best part is Tommy and Saundra sharing Dingle and their friends with us!

Tim and Polly Fife

We recently returned from the Dingle Peninsula Experience Tour with Tommy and Saundra O'Sullivan and 12 great fellow travelers. What a wonderful tour! This was our second trip to Ireland. We had especially loved the Dingle Peninsula five years ago, so we jumped at the chance to spend a week there. Ireland is a beautiful country with beautiful people. The music, the history, the food, the beer, the landscapes - nothing compares! Tommy and Saundra made us feel at home. The tour was well planned but not hectic or packed. We had plenty of time on our own.
We highly recommend the Dingle Peninsula Tour with Tommy and Saundra for first time Ireland travelers and for people like us who love Ireland and wanted to return.

Jack and Teresa Lynch

My husband and I had the ultimate experience of going on the Piper Jones Band musical tour across Ireland from July 17-26, 2023. This was truly an incredible collection of memorable moments that were shared with a group of fans who were all clearly on this trip because of our love of this band. There is no better way to get to know members of a band than while traveling through Ireland on a bus. And ... we had the most amazing bus driver, Ray! We all sang his praises! Tommy and Saundra O'Sullivan were outstanding in their sharing of historical facts and scenic views around every bend and byway. My husband and I had been to Ireland in 2015 and visited some of the same places as this tour, but to experience them again with others was priceless. We had spent time in Dingle previously and were so excited to return. Dingle is a magical piece of Ireland that captures the best of its scenery, history and music ... all in one place! Dingle is the cutest hidden treasure in Ireland! O'Sullivan's Courthouse Pub continues to share the trad music and hospitality of Ireland at its best! This pub, this town, and this tour are a must on anyone's bucket list!

Laura Phipps

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