Laura Phipps

My husband and I had the ultimate experience of going on the Piper Jones Band musical tour across Ireland from July 17-26, 2023. This was truly an incredible collection of memorable moments that were shared with a group of fans who were all clearly on this trip because of our love of this band. There is no better way to get to know members of a band than while traveling through Ireland on a bus. And ... we had the most amazing bus driver, Ray! We all sang his praises! Tommy and Saundra O'Sullivan were outstanding in their sharing of historical facts and scenic views around every bend and byway. My husband and I had been to Ireland in 2015 and visited some of the same places as this tour, but to experience them again with others was priceless. We had spent time in Dingle previously and were so excited to return. Dingle is a magical piece of Ireland that captures the best of its scenery, history and music ... all in one place! Dingle is the cutest hidden treasure in Ireland! O'Sullivan's Courthouse Pub continues to share the trad music and hospitality of Ireland at its best! This pub, this town, and this tour are a must on anyone's bucket list!
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